Zwift Online Coaching Benefits


Very similar to spinning classes, riding indoors allows you to train no matter what the weather and riding conditions are outside. But convenience is the biggest factor because you don't have to adhere to anyone else's schedule as you can ride your trainer on Zwift at any time and in your own home. And because there are cyclists from many different countries around the world using Zwift at any given time there are bound to be others on the course at your pace to ride with. More importantly, being able to ride with other cyclists is very motivating. You can do an individual workout with specific interval training, jump on the course and ride at your own pace drafting the wheel of other riders, or join a group ride that fits your pace and enjoy the draft of being in a big peloton.      


Navigating through the configuration of the Zwift application and understanding the correct gear needed to ride on the Zwift course can be very daunting and often frustrating for those not familiar with the technology. As a Zwift training coach I can consult on getting your bike, trainer and Zwift profile setup correctly so you can quickly start riding without having to do so by trial and error, as I did when I first started. Zwift became generally available December of 2015 so there have been many new features and enhancements made and compatibility issues that have been resolved. I have configured many different trainers and ridden all the different course so I can make your learning curve less frustrating than if you tried to tackle the setup yourself.  

  Who would benefit from Zwift Coaching?  

  • All levels of riders looking  to improve cycling performance
  • Cycling newbies that are  looking to quickly learn from an experienced coach how to train indoors
  • Those with a busy schedule  that don't have time to ride and train outdoors 
  • Experienced riders looking to gain a competitive edge
  • Triathletes looking to  improve their time trialing 
  • Runners looking for an  alternative low impact exercise program

Track Progress

One of the best features of the Zwift platform are the different data analytics available to every rider. Between the automated stats given at the end of every Zwift ride to Strava data automatically uploaded after every session (just like after an outdoor ride), I will help you discern the power, heart rate, average speed, how you felt and the effort you gave to customize your training program. Analyzing the results week after week, month after month is key to tweaking the workouts to achieve cycling goals. 

Goal Oriented

You goals will change throughout the seasons. Life, work, family and health issues create unforeseen changes in your schedule. Being flexible and identifying ways to ride around these bumps in the road are key to staying on top of your fitness program. I will be available to help determine realistic cycling goals, set achievable milestones and customize your training program to allow you to cope with the different changes in your daily life. 

Zwift and Coaching FAQ's

What is the most popular coaching plan? 

This is a new coaching program but I think the best value depends on how IT savvy you are and if you are more interested in learning about utilizing Zwift or needing coaching assistance. I hope you need both but if are on the fast track to use Zwift and are confident in your high tech gadget skills then an hour of my time getting an understanding of your best Zwift options will get you going in the right direction. If you need coaching and want to use Zwift then the Getting Started package would be the best bang for the buck. 

Why hire you as a Zwift coach?

-As a USA Cycling certified coach I have studied all of the recommended coaching techniques for all levels of fitness. As a competitive cyclist and relatively long-time Zwifter I have experienced my own growth as a cyclist and have studied many of the online coaching techniques utilized by Zwift coaches around the world. As a former spinning and group fitness instructor I have years of experience understanding what motivates individuals to meet their fitness goals and applying different techniques to identify their goals and reach them.

I am not an avid cyclist but am looking for a low impact workout routine. Will Zwift be an effective exercise for me? 

From the Zwift Facebook groups and user forums there are hundreds of stories where people from around the world have tried Zwift and had it become a positive lifestyle change. Zwift is also very addicting. You will appreciate its training potential, convenience and multiple training options. Cycling has always been known for its low impact form of exercise and there is no instructor yelling at you to ride harder than you want, just you having fun riding your bike however hard and intense as you want it to be.

What kind of space do I need at my house to setup my bike for Zwift?

You need a workout area that has access to a fast internet connection (either direct ethernet cable to your router or fast wireless connection), a stand to place your laptop or computer keyboard, mount on your bike for your mobile phone, spot for fan(s) to circulate air for cooling, workout mat to place your bike and trainer on, if in an apartment a floor space that does not vibrate sound to your neighbors, and optionally a larger screen monitor or tv.

If I don't want to pay for a coaching plan can you still answer questions for me about Zwift? 

I can absolutely have a discussion with you at no cost to describe in detail how the platform works, what you need to get started and what services I can provide.

What is the advantage of Zwift over Peloton, Sufferfest and Trainer Road?

All of the other online training programs are great and your choice depends on what your cycling goals are and how you are motivated. Peloton requires the purchase of their spinning bike at $2k, and a $35 monthly subscription and recorded spinning classes are streamed to you. Trainer Road specializes in cycling workouts with your bike on a trainer at $12/month but no free trial period. Sufferfest utilizes your bike on a trainer and has taped bike races and fitness videos streamed to you for $10/month. Only Zwift offers an immersive virtual reality world where you power your own avatar on different courses while in workout mode, in a group ride/race or just putting in miles at your own pace all while interactively rubbing shoulders with others in real time around the world.

Can Zwift be used for weight loss? 

Yes. Zwift has metrics for counting calories burned that can be utilized along with a diet and nutrition program. Consistency, motivation and a fun training platform are all key aspects within a coaching plan to achieve your fitness goals.

What is the minimum equipment I need to ride Zwift and what is that cost? 

All you need is a bike, speed/cadence sensor, iPhone/iPad and internet connection.

Why would I want to pay for more than the minimum equipment needed? 

More expensive bike trainers have a heavier flywheel with gives a more life-like the road feel, are quieter, provide smart technology which replicates resistance while climbing hills along with accurate power output readings.

Can I use my iPhone or Android instead of a Windows or Mac pc/laptop? 

iPhone/iPad support have been available for over a year and Android support will be available by the end of 2017. Both can be connected via HDMI to a large screen monitor or digital tv.