Zwift Coaching Plan Costs


By the Month

Standard $60/Competitive $100 - (cancel any time)

  • Monthly goal setting
  • Weekly indoor and outdoor planned training sessions
  • Weekly review of  training results
  • Cycling gear and training tools review
  • Competitive option includes more in-depth interval, group ride and racing workouts and results review along with advanced training techniques.

This is a cost effective one time option if you just want advice on how to use Zwift or need assistance with a certain feature of the platform. 

Seasonal Training Options

 $150/three months

  • Excellent option for winter training
  • Includes periodization for focus on power, endurance, intensity and recovery.
  • Have time to understand which training techniques are most effective and motivating for your fitness goals.
  • Be prepared for the early spring cycling season

Event Specific Training Plans


  • Training plans for your first century ride.
  • Better your previous century times.
  • Utilize the virtual reality features of Zwift's Watopia mountain to train for hill climbing events.
  • Prepare for your first bike race or enter Zwift races to prep for the upcoming outdoor racing season.
  • Practice your triathlon time trialing on the 3 different Zwift courses and utilize Workout Mode's pre-created or custom interval workouts.

House Call Trainer/Zwift app setup


  • I come to your house and give you hands-on Zwift training in the convenience of your own Zwift pain cave.
  • Help you connect your trainer and configure the Zwift application. Will use my crankarm power meter to verify correct non-smart trainer is selected in Zwift for accurate virtual Zpower wattage.
  • Teach you all of the keyboard commands, starting/saving a new riding session, change riding views, customize your avatar, communicate with and view others on the course and interpret all of the data presented on the Zwift application screen.

Online Ride Along Coaching


  • Take advantage of virtual reality cycling where I virtually ride side by side with you on your favorite Zwift course and coach you on the fundamentals of group riding, pacing yourself, drafting, hill climbing and recovering on Zwift.
  • Learn the nuances of  how your avatar reacts to your power efforts on your trainer.
  • Motivate you to push yourself to your limit as we ride side by side on Zwift while communicating by speaker phone or online voice chat app.
  • Enter race or group ride with you to teach you Zwift specific riding tactics.

Zwift Getting Started Package


  • Assistance with setting up Zwift and Strava accounts
  • Assistance with purchasing and configuring appropriate trainer/HRM/Ant +/ and Bluetooth devices
  • House call for setup of bike/trainer and Zwift app configuration. Will use my crankarm power meter to verify correct non-smart trainer is selected in Zwift for accurate virtual Zpower wattage.
  • One hour session of learning the in's and out's of all the training options Zwift has to offer - Mobile Link app, Course routes, challenges, group rides, racing, Workout Mode, Strava, social media, FTP/watts/kilo training.
  • One month of custom training workouts towards your immediate cycling goals.

Payments due before services are rendered. PayPal, Venmo, Square, checks and cash accepted.

Sample Zwift Training Program


Week 1


Sub 2 w/k Zwift 15 mile group ride

(Easy ride, just keeping the legs loose. Practice spinning high cadence)


Rest day

(Necessary  break from being on the bike. Great day to do upper body workout or cross train other sport)


Workout Mode 45 minutes custom intervals (substitute fast Zwift group ride or race. Hard training day of the week)


Watopia mountain hill climbs/endurance ride

(or substitute Workout mode intervals or cross train other sport)


Rest day


 45 - 65 mile outdoor ride or long Zwift group ride or race

(Longest endurance workout of the week )


Rest day

At the end of every week review Strava and Zwift data to establish current fitness level, determine how the body is reacting to the workouts and training rides, review Personal Records achieved and goals met and adjust workouts for upcoming rides or events.