What is Zwift?


The Virtual Cycling Platform

Zwift translates your real world effort into speed in the digital one. Your power, measured by the watts you produce, propels you through the digital landscape.

Just like the real world, your speed is adjusted for your height, weight and the road gradient. We even give you credit for drafting.

Zwift is a global community with group rides and community races for all levels, packed with training plans for all abilities from beginner to pro and miles of courses to explore. Experience varied weather patterns, day-night cycles and hear it all in surround sound. Communicate with friends and broadcast messages to your group. In Zwift, you’ll never ride alone. 

Click here to view a video on Shane Miller's take on "What is Zwift".

Since Zwift came out of Beta testing in December of 2015 it has become more more than an online training utility. The international Zwift community grew and created Facebook groups, cycling teams, group rides and competitive racing events. 

Global Cycling Community

What is fascinating about the Zwift experience is that you can get on Zwift any time of the day and ride along side other Zwifters that are physically in other countries from around the world. 

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Zwift Courses

Currently there are 3 Zwift courses. Watopia Island, Lond and Richmond, Virginia. 

My Experience on Zwift

I have been riding on Zwift since February of 2016 and have been addicted ever since. I ride on Zwift 3-4 times a week during the warm weather and at least 5 times a week in the cold winter months here in Minnesota. I participate in competitive group rides and races, train in workout mode and take part in the different course challenges offered by Zwift. 

View my Strava file here - https://www.strava.com/athletes/5733072